Ergon Technique

PHP Custom Website + PHP Custom Woocommerce Booking + Javascript Seminar Listing with Google Maps on WordPress for the company Ergon Technique.

A few words about the project:

Ergon Technique is a holistic therapeutic concept based on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Ergon Technique provides worldwide education to professionals in the form of in-class and online courses as well as their products to apply the Ergon Technique.

Our aim was to develop a website where the company’s knowledge, vision and values could be unfolded.

A few things about the technology:

The project has been developed in a Custom Template with PHP Custom functionalities in order to meet Ergon Technique’s needs. The Bootstrap 4 Framework has been used in order to customize every aspect of the Website.

Thorough design of the website, choice of colors, user-friendly menu and custom sections throughout the website are part of precision work that is done in order to communicate the message to the audience.