Menoume Spiti

Corporate Website for the team “Menoume Spiti”, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

A few words about the project:

The Website was developed to meet the communication needs during the 1st Lockdown of COVID-19 by offering useful videos, images and contact numbers for Greek people. The project was recognized at a fast pace as our daily traffic proved that people were informed and are still being informed with all the useful tips contained in the Website. The project was done as part of our company’s donation to volunteers running this effort.

A few things about the technology:

The project has been developed in WordPress Template. We wanted to create a user friendly navigation to allow visitors to find all the important information easily so we proceeded with the creation of Custom Sections with Elementor Pro as well as the artistic approach by the volunteers of the “We Stay Home” group.