Fiore Di Candia

Corporate website developed on template and a booking engine on an external platform, for the company Fiore Di Candia.

A few words about the project:

Just outside the charming Nafplio and in the seaside village of Kandia, lies Fiore di Candia hotel. A place with specially designed accommodation so that travelers can feel at home, enjoy the tranquility of the area, if they wish, and start discovering popular destinations. The main goal of the project was to deliver that feeling to the visitor of the website as well as to present the studios along with their facilities.

A few things about the technology:

The project has been developed in a WordPress Template. We used a white background, big blocks of photos and carefully designed text sections in order to deliver high contrast and as much detailed information as possible to the visitors. The blue color is used to increase the quality features the hotel offers such as tranquility, reliability and security.