Locate Cyclades is a Condominium rental agency in Greece. They offer a wide selection of premium quality villas in the beautiful island of Paros.


We took over the management of their Google Ads Account through the outbreak of Covid 19. Before our cooperation, Locate Cyclades was targeting countries like France, USA and United Kingdom. During the outbreak of the pandemic, we noticed that advertising in these markets, did not bring about the desired results, thus we decided to change their strategic plan.


Our journey started with setting up two brand new campaigns. The first campaign focused on worldwide targeting, in order to attract tourists who showed interest in travelling to Paros. For the second one, we also used worldwide targeting, though this time we wanted to attract all tourists who were interested in travelling to Greece, but had not decided on a specific location yet.

Our main goal was to focus all our advertising activity on our target audience, instead of spending money and effort on unnecessary ads.

We then decided to reduce the Search Ad Campaigns from 20 to 2. Furthermore, we created their first Display Campaigns, in order to generate awareness, while we set up Dynamic Display Remarketing Campaign, which brought about 12% increase in Conversion Rate. Indicatively, we raised the budget up to 20%, which lead to 68% increase in high-quality traffic. Finally, in a day over day optimization, we allocated the budget to specific campaigns, which had more demand and brought up to 61% more impressions, while we managed to reduce the average CPC by 28% and increase CTR by 6%.