Mykonos Transfer

Corporate Website developed on template, for the company Mykonos Transfer and Tours.

A few words about the project:

The purpose of the project we undertook was not only to design and revamp the existing website but also to offer a rich presentation of the corporate profile of Christianakis Transfers and Tours by presenting all the services provided, demonstrating the company’s fleet, giving the ability for direct contact with the company and the VIP customer service, having the ability to fill the dynamic form that customers can ask for a quote, granting information about Mykonos, the beaches as well as useful telephones.

A few things about the technology:

The website development was based in a WordPress Template where each page was customized in order to meet the company’s profile. The artistic and chromatic approach of white, gray, black and golden, breathe out the luxury feeling that the company represents. The categorization of the menu as well as every section during the development of the website was carefully designed, and custom-coded whenever it was needed, in order to meet client’s expectations.