Vera Bakala

Corporate Website developed on template, for pediatrician Vera Bakala.

A few words about the project:

The idea behind redesigning and redeveloping the Medical Website was to provide user experience and easy navigation for parents in order to find useful information about their children’s mouth. Having over ten years after the establishment of the pediatric clinic, Dr. Bakala Vera continues to offer quality services to the children. Our mission was to design and develop a competitive and attractive Website to the parent that would, also, meet the doctor’s desires.

A few things about the technology:

The continuous contact with the pediatrician helped us to design & develop a dynamic website and at the same time to meet the Google’s standards with design thoroughness, responsive design and the choice of a WordPress Template in order to have the ability to easily update, add and remove content. After tests and several configurations, we managed to imprint to the template the style, character and quality that the doctor desired; a minimal visual that gave the parent a lot of information, without being disoriented or encountering difficulties in finding the respective category.